Kania Launches ‘Inchallah’

Moroccan Rap singer Kania has just launched his new song “Inchallah”, in which he evokes the dreams and projects he aspires to realize and encourages young people, like him, to pursue their ambitions, have confidence in themselves, work hard, persevere and seize the opportunity as soon as it presents itself in order to achieve their objectives, even if they come across a failure, during the first attempt. He says in his song: “If you fall on the first attempt, keep trying. Your self-confidence is the most important thing. Rely only on yourself and turn away from others. Time passes and opportunities evaporate.”

In this new song, Kania also talked about his desire as a child to take care of her family and provide them with everything they need: “When I was a child, I dreamed of making my family live in opulence. Many of my friends lost their ways in Laksar Sghir.”

Thus, this song carries many positive messages addressed to young people, including urging them to work in order to have better lives and not to let opportunities slip away.

For this song, and as he said at the beginning of the video, Kania shot a beautiful video clip in the Moroccan desert, but without specifying the exact location. It seems that this clip required a very large budget that could bring it up to the level of successful international clips.

The clip has received a very high viewing rate since its launch a few days ago and has quickly reached more than 778,000 views on YouTube.

Kania, who lives in Belgium, founded a production company in Tangier that invests in talents, especially in “urban style”, and it is this same company that produced the video clip “Inchallah”, whose lyrics he himself wrote by combining dialectal Arabic with French.

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