Ihab Amir: The ‘Prince’ of Modern Moroccan Song

Ihab Amir is a revelation of the Star Academy, a show through which he has become known and successful among Moroccan and Arab audiences, especially since he has managed, thanks to his voice and artistic talent, to qualify for the finals.

Ihab Amir is originally from Safi, but the “Aita” and the popular song that this city and its region are known for have had little influence on him. He preferred to turn away from it and embark on a totally different journey, that of Moroccan song, romantic and modern, imbued with the rhythms of the Gulf, Lebanon, the West, without forgetting the Rai.

Ihab has managed to delight the hearts of the youth audience who follow and eagerly await his songs. Thanks to his beautiful silhouette and judicious choices, he has been able to acquire a broad popular base with songs such as “Celibate”; “Brit ntir yamma”; “Twahhachtek” which have recorded views by millions on Youtube and social networks, thus occupying the top of the podium with regard to “Moroccan trends”.

Thanks to his efforts and perseverance, especially since he writes and composes his own songs, Ihab Amir has won many awards, including the Afrima Prize for the best singer in North Africa in 2018, surpassing Saad Lamjarred and other artists, many years older than him in the art world, such as Abdelhafid Douzi. He even managed to obtain the highest percentage of public votes, exceeding those obtained by the king of Rai Sheb Khaled or Amr Diab.

Ihab Amir is respected by many of his fellow artists who often express admiration for his style and songs, including Saad Lamjarred who considers him to be “an innovative and persevering Arab artist who makes Morocco proud”, as well as Asmaa Lamnawar who expressed, in one of her publications on social networks, her fascination with his talent, or Dounia Batma who wanted to perform one of her compositions.

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