Aziz Dadas… Star of Moroccan Cinema

Aziz Dadas is the only star of the cinema ticket offices in Morocco. It is enough that his name appears on the poster of a film for the audience to come running in masses to see it.

He started modestly by playing a small role in Mustafa Derkaoui’s film “Daylight”, in addition to his participation in Said Naciri’s film “Al Khattaf” in 2007. But he will later move to the next level of his career with Brahim Chkiri’s “Road to Kabul”, a film in which he showed a real talent as an actor, thus proving the birth of an actor different from all those whom the Moroccans have known, and endowed with a style that is exclusive to him.

Aziz Dadas has shone in many other roles, including in the film “Zero” by Nour-eddine Lakhamari, “Al hanch” by Driss Lamrini, “Dallas” by Mohamed Ali El Mejboud, “Kharij Attaghtia” and “Fi bilad Al ajaib” by Jihane El Bahhar, among other roles that have made him an undeniable star, because, despite the mediocrity of the film, the role he plays remains remarkable, thus attracting a wide audience.

Aziz Dadas entered Moroccan homes through television when he singularly played a role in Brahim Chkiri’s “Saa fi al jahim” (An hour in hell), a successful series that was broadcast on the first channel and that fostered the emergence of a new generation of actors and directors with innovative styles.

He has also participated in many Ramadan humorous programs and sitcoms, but they have remained below his talent and aspirations. However, he excelled during the previous Ramadan when he played in two series, namely “Ouchen” and “Hdiddane”.

Aziz Dadas, a native of Casablanca, is passionate about acting. This appears clearly in his original way of interpreting his roles, to the point that he totally identifies himself with his character and only detaches himself from it when the director announces the end of the last shot, to regain his true personality, while waiting for a new role through which he will charm his audience.

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