Choumicha… the great lady of Moroccan cuisine

Moroccans have become accustomed to the fact that it is the old ladies who excel in the preparation of traditional dishes, but Choumicha has managed to prove this belief wrong. Indeed, this young modern woman never stops presenting the most refined traditional recipes that only experienced cooks can offer.

Nicknamed “the great lady of Moroccan cuisine” by the media, Choumicha quickly entered the hearts of viewers, since she began presenting her daily program “Chhiwat Choumicha” on 2M, in a simple and spontaneous language, which allowed her to reach an enormous audience records in the history of Moroccan television. Thus, the channel entrusted her with the mission of presenting another equally successful weekly program, entitled “Chhiwat Bladi”, through which Choumicha visited various regions of Morocco and introduced its dishes and cuisine.

Choumicha Chafai was born in 1969 in the Darb Sultan district of Casablanca. She is from the region of Sidi Hajjajaj – Settat. She studied advertising, marketing and communication before starting her career as a presenter of a French-language program on 2M. She has also worked in the famous production company “Corum” and has worked in many professions such as film clothing design and dubbing. She also performed with Moroccan star Rachid El Ouali in the series entitled “Soufiane”.

Choumicha has gained a high profile through her own cooking programs on 2M and her cookbooks have achieved high sales rates, which has led several foreign chains to seek her collaboration. This is the case of the French channel Cuisine TV, for which she presented a program. This is also the case of the Algerian channel “El Benna” for which Choumicha worked during Ramadan a few years ago.

For her recipes, Choumicha combines tradition and modernity and is keen to open up to other cultures in a cuisine inspired by new flavors and original dishes, making her the best ambassador for Moroccans and Arabs in the programs of international cooking competitions and conferences attended only by foreigners, such as the famous “Gourmet Voices” conference in Cannes, of which Choumicha was the only Arab participant.

Choumicha has slipped away in recent years, but she has remained present among her fans, especially via her web channel, waiting to realize her dream of opening her own restaurant. This dream came true in December 2018, in Dubai, near the Khalifa Tower. She gave it the name of: “Bab Al Mansour”.

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