The Grand Theater of Rabat… the new cultural building

While the people of Casablanca are eagerly waiting for the opening of their Casa Art theater, the inhabitants of Rabat also hope that their great theater will be inaugurated this year, so that their city can truly deserve the name “City of Lights” and that this new building will at the same level of the most famous cultural monuments in the world.

The construction of this establishment aims to increase the cultural influence in the Kingdom’s capital and make it one of the world’s leading capitals, where culture flourishes alongside the economy, trade and industry. Indeed, it is planned that this establishment will be a leading leisure and entertainment center, hosting major cultural events over 27,000 m2, divided into theaters that can accommodate more than 2,000 people, small theaters, music rooms, cinemas, green spaces, and diverse and varied spaces.

While the great Casablanca theater was built in the heart of the economic capital, not far from its demolished municipal theater, the Rabat theater was built next to the famous Hassan Tower and close to important historical monuments such as the Udayas and Chellah, which overlook the Bouregreg river.

The project cost a total investment of about 1.6 billion Dirhams. It was financed mainly by the general State budget, the Directorate General of Local Authorities and the Hassan II Fund for Economic and Social Development. The architectural design of this project was entrusted to the American-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, whose work was admired by HM King Mohammed VI. This choice is all the more judicious as this architect was awarded the Pritzker Engineering Prize in 2004, a kind of Nobel Prize for Architecture.

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