432 Moroccan Jews Emigrated to Israel

432 Jews have migrated from Morocco to Israel over the past eight years, according to data published by “Israel in Arabic” on various social networking sites, making Morocco the first Arab country whose citizens have migrated to the Jewish state.

According to the site of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tunisia ranks second with 160 migrants, compared to only 02 migrants from Algeria. Yemen ranks third with 119, while Qatar, Libya, Bahrain and Lebanon all rank equally, with only one migrant in the last eight years.

It should be noted that the Jewish agency has already published data on Jews on the occasion of the Hebrew New Year. The latter are estimated at 14,700,000, the majority of whom live outside Israel, particularly in the United States where 5.7 million Jews live, compared to 6.6 million who live in Israel. 453,000 Jews live in France, the third largest destination for Jews in the world. Canada has 391,000, while Britain has 290,000.

As for Jews living in Arab countries, the same agency estimated their number at about 4,500, including 2,000 in Morocco, 1,000 in Tunisia and less than 500 in Yemen, Syria and Egypt.

Iran is home to some 8,500 Jews, compared to 15,000 in Turkey, according to the agency’s figures.

There are no official figures on the number of Jews residing in Morocco. But their number is estimated at about 2,000 Jews, most of whom are based in Casablanca, the economic capital of the Kingdom.

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