Hayat El Idrissi: Oum Kalthoum of Morocco

Hayat El Idrissi, born in September 1963, is known for her majestic performance of Oum Kalthoum’s songs, to such an extent that many critics and admirers have nicknamed her Oum Kalthoum of Morocco, while others prefer to call her “the golden throat”.

Indeed, she has a strong voice that allows her to interpret songs of “Tarab” with great ability, especially those of Oum Kalthoum, which she interprets in her own way and with her own sensitivity. This has enabled her to win the admiration of large audiences both in Morocco and abroad and, without the slightest surprise, to win a royal decoration in 2008, in tribute to his artistic career, which is full of achievements.

Hayat El Idrissi first appeared on stage at a concert in Meknes with the great artist Mohamed El Hayani when she was only 20 years old. The audience was immediately captivated by her wonderful performance. Her participation in national and international concerts and festivals followed one another before she launched her first song, composed by Habib El Idrissi.

Hayat El Idrissi, who trained at the Casablanca Conservatory, was one of the first Moroccan artists to open up to Eastern Hollywood (Egypt), before love of her homeland and nostalgia brought her back to Morocco, after living for a long time in Egypt, singing in front of her audience and accessing Egyptian opera, where she sang for five years. She has even signed a contract with the famous company “Voice of Art”, founded by Abdelhalim Hafez and Mohamed Abdel Wahab, and for which the greatest Egyptian composers such as Helmy Bakr, Farouk El-Sharnouby and Mohammed Diaa, have worked.

Today, she has many songs and albums, including “Ikhtasar”, “Ana Habbito”, “Inta assabab”, “Casablanca”, “Ya Sidi Quoulha”, “El khaouf”, “Kharboucha”, “Charii kadim” and “Daba Tji”, etc.

After her illness, the Moroccans became very sympathetic with her. Everyone thought it was a fatal cancer, but she resisted with unprecedented courage and managed to overcome her illness, thanks to God, her patience and determination, and also thanks to His Majesty King Mohammed VI who provided her with all the medical expenses until her recovery. She currently lives between Morocco and Dubai.

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