Marrakech-Agadir LGV project: A Locomotive of the Development Model

The royal vision of the need for the rapid opening of a rail that links between Marrakech and Agadir continues to attract great interest. Indeed, this line could be the real locomotive that will pull forward the new development model.

“What if the High Speed Line between Marrakech and Agadir, to which King Mohammed VI called in his last Green March speech, was a symbolic concretization of the new development model? It is through this relevant question that the daily newspaper Al Massae on Friday, November 15, began an editorial entitled: “The train as a model of development”.

Indeed, according to the newspaper, the train itself is one of the most important symbols of a country’s development and modernization because its role in the economy can be summed up in three words: speed, efficiency and vision. That is why, according to Al Massae, all the five-year plans initiated by Morocco have generally failed for failing to take into account the importance of the continued deployment of the “railway vision”.

As an example, it cites the introduction of the Tangiers-Casablanca high-speed line and the socio-economic dynamics it has generated in a short period of time, following an unprecedented wave of investment. Indeed, with the rapid development of the Tangier-Kenitra-Casablanca axis, the royal vision has come to bring this dynamic economy to other regions of the kingdom. Indeed, with the new development model, all of Morocco cities will be functional, from its far north to its far south.

Motorways have already boosted regional development to some extent, but it is above all the Marrakech-Agadir high-speed line, the starting point for a continuous extension to the south, that will constitute the lever with which Morocco will definitively put an end to inequalities between its various regions, while allowing it to develop all its natural and human resources.

According to Al Massae, even if it will be necessary to nibble on social programs such as education and health, the State should not be afraid of the colossal sums that the project of the fast line will bring to the south, because the realization of the latter will have multiple beneficial effects, and will allow the country to pass at the high speed.

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