El Habous: The Legendary Neighborhood

El Habous is one of the legendary neighborhoods of Casablanca that still bears the marks of the glorious history of the city. This is the district from which the first sparks of the resistance were launched. Its houses and cafés were used as meeting places for patriots, although, ironically, this district was built by General Lyautey, a French resident in Morocco, during the colonial period.

This district, which is one of the oldest and most famous in Morocco, is located in Derb Sultan, near the Royal Palace of Casablanca.

The construction of this district began in 1918 and its objective was to create an ancient city within Casablanca, intended only for Moroccans who wanted to be excluded from the districts where Europeans live, particularly following the influx of people to the Kingdom’s economic capital from all Moroccan cities.

It was designed by the French architect Henri Brost, who built the beautiful historical districts of Casablanca on land donated by a Moroccan Jew, Haim ben Dahane, to Sultan Moulay Youssef, before the latter handed it over to the Habous administration. The architect was keen to use the rules of modern civil construction while preserving the traditional architectural touch to build a distinguished masterpiece that remains an essential tourist destination to this day.

The neighborhood has all the facilities and spaces that the population may need. All kinds of goods and merchandise are sold, from handicrafts to books, olives, cakes, etc.

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