Nassima Al hourr: The Queen of Moroccan Television

The public loves her smile, her honesty, her audacity and the simplicity with which she brings to the screen the problems and concerns of citizens. She has been inducted as queen of Moroccan television, as reported in the Financial Times, in one of its reports about this journalist and her programs.

This is Nassima Al hourr who initially predestined herself for the theater, before being fascinated by the magic of television.

Nassima Al hourr is Morocco’s most famous journalist. She was born in 1965 in Casablanca, but her origins go back to the Ould Faraj tribe in Doukkala. She comes from a family of artists. Her brother is a lyricist and her father is a flute player, while her mother is a poet.

A graduate of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, Nassima Al hourr performed for the first time in a play entitled “Basma”, focusing on the Palestinian question, before she caught the attention of director Mohamed Reggab, who offered her to play in a film he was preparing. But he died before the project was completed.

She then joined Moroccan television in the 1980s and was presenting “Casablanca Club”, an artistic program that allowed her to reach the heart of Moroccans. After many successful programs, she was chosen to be part of the team that will start the second channel, wanted by the late HM King Hassan II as part of a completely media organization from the first channel, more modern and attractive and in step with other channels around the world.

Nassima Al hourr proved to be an excellent journalist with all the necessary skills to take up the challenge and win the bet.

Thus, as part of her mission at 2M, Nassima Al hourr was able to make a lasting impression with her high-quality programs, which the audience remembers despite her absence. These include programs such as “Al khayt labied”, “Life goes on”, “In all frank”, “The word is yours”, etc.

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