Dar Souiri: Crossroad of Cultures

Dar Souiri is one of the most famous cultural spaces in Essaouira. Located in the medina of Essaouira, in the new Kasbah . It was built in 1863 under the reign of Sultan Alaoui, Mohammed ben Abdallah, currently it hosts all artistic and cultural events, concerts, festivals, etc. organized in the city, in addition to the Gnaouis concerts.

The house is an architectural masterpiece that testifies to the magnificence and aesthetics of Islamic architecture of past centuries. It is a privileged destination for tourists visiting the city. It also serves as a meeting place for all cultures and religions, without any distinction between Jews, Muslims, Arabs or Amazighs.

Founded in 1907, the house is in the form of a magnificent riad that has housed the Essaouira Mogador association since 1992, founded by Royal Councilor André Azoulay, a native of the same city.

The house, which is an essential destination for all the inhabitants of Essaouira, as well as for all lovers of Mogador, whether Moroccans or foreigners, has many important facilities and spaces, such as the large library, which offers a free collection of useful books and references.

Dar Souiri served as the headquarters for the services of the French Protectorate in Essaouira during the colonial period. And since then, high-ranking guests have been invited. These are artists, politicians and writers, such as the French orientalist and sociologist Jacques Berque, who was greatly inspired by it.

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