A Polish Bar Completely Covered its Walls with Moroccan Carpets

This cocktail bar in Warsaw, Poland, displays the Moroccan touch to the very end.

Here, the hushed atmosphere is worked with brass lights and especially the heavy and rich patterned carpets straight from Morocco.

Designed by architect Kacper Gronkiewicz, the site is located on the ground floor of a 19th century building in downtown Warsaw.

As for the Moroccan carpets that line one of the walls of the bar, these have a history. They once belonged to the owner’s grandmother.

The carpets were the starting point for the decoration of the place, and served as an inspiration to the architect, who also uses other photographs of Morocco, representing in particular the country’s lively markets and the Majorelle garden in Marrakech.

Echoing the famous Majorelle blue, a cobalt-blue-like paint was applied to the toilet walls.

The warm red tones of the carpets are duplicated on the floor and bar stools.

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