Mamounia Gets a Nice Renovation for its 95th Birthday

The Mamounia will thus close its doors from May 25 to September 1, 2020 for renovation, which will mainly concern the gastronomic spaces of the House.

It is with the Parisian firm of Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku that the Mamounia teams will collaborate on the reinterpretation of the culinary spaces.

The duo, perfectly aware of the delicacy of the mission, evokes a rebalancing of energies in the different places and a smooth transition from one era to another.

A more contemporary, sharp conceptual redefinition that will explore highly refined and surprising flavors in line with the tradition of taste recognized in Mamounia.

For accommodation and public places, structural lifts are also planned in order to harmonize the whole.

In short, a Mamounia that celebrates authenticity, charm and renewal… This renovation “will be a challenge to better inscribe Mamounia in its time while keeping the charm and heritage of this house with 95 years of history”, says Pierre Jochem, General Manager of Mamounia.

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