Tangier-Algeciras: A Helicopter Trip, in 15 Minutes and for 500 Dirhams, how about that?

The Spanish company Helity, which specializes in passenger transport, has just announced a major first: the opening of an air link between Tangier airport and Algeciras heliport by helicopter.

This news, which will delight Moroccans and Spaniards alike, will make it possible to reach the Iberian Peninsula without having to cross the Strait of Gibraltar at sea. The duration of the trip will not exceed 15 minutes.

This airline will be operational from 2020, the time it takes to have all the necessary authorizations on both sides of the Mediterranean shore.

For information, the average fare of the trip is estimated at MAD 500, MAD 200 more than the price of a boat trip, which lasts one hour on average.

The aircrafts that will be used are Augusta-Westerland AW-139s. They have a capacity of 15 passengers, in addition to two crew members.

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