Canvases Inspired by Moroccan Medinas Exhibited in Cairo

Original plastic works, inspired by Moroccan Medinas and old Arab cities, are exhibited by the Moroccan artist, Oum Kaltoum Al Kettani, in a gallery opened Thursday in Cairo to represent “an ancient world full of magic”.

The gallery, located at the headquarters of the Moroccan embassy in Cairo, is the first of its kind for the artist, who had previously participated in group exhibitions, before deciding to live the experience of organizing a special gallery for her particularly distinguished art paintings, which already represent paths to success and wider horizons.

These works of art show the architectural characteristics of the alleyways of the old Arab cities, which highlight the beauty of the architecture that dominated the Arab world.

In a statement to MAP, Al Kettani said she was inspired by the Moroccan Medinas and old Arab cities she visited, including Fez, Marrakech, Chefchaouen, Damascus, Aleppo, Mecca and Jeddah, before moving to Cairo some 20 years ago, stressing that the architectural style and lifestyle of the people of these neighborhoods, which have remained etched in her memory, inspired her to represent her love and attachment to “this old world full of magic and colors”.

Speaking at the opening of the gallery, marked by the presence of diplomats accredited to Egypt and other personalities from the world of art and culture, Morocco’s ambassador to Cairo, Ahmed Tazi, expressed his admiration for the beauty and originality of these paintings, inspired by the environment in which the Moroccan artist grew up.

Born in Rabat, Oum Kalthoum Al Kettani has traveled to many countries in the Arab world because of her father’s work. She went to Damascus, then Lebanon, then Jeddah before settling in Egypt 20 years ago.

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