Honoring Several Personalities on the Occasion of the Amazigh New Year

On the occasion of the Amazigh New Year 2970, the Tayri Nwakal association will pay homage to several scientific, cultural, economic, literary, religious and sports personalities during a major international cultural festival to be held in Agadir on 10, 11 and 12 January.

During this festival, a tribute will be paid to the entrepreneur Mohamed Al Mouden, vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Agadir, by awarding him the Hajj Ahmed Akhenouch prize, in recognition of his initiatives to encourage young entrepreneurs, guide them, train them and provide them with interest-free loans to help them succeed in their projects. In fact, he has helped set up about 643 businesses, thus contributing to the creation of 2,100 jobs.

This year’s Mhand Uzal Prize will go to the dean of the Azarif School, Hajj Mohammed bin Al Hassan Achibi, who comes from a family of scholars and has worked as the school’s Imam since 1964. As for the Mohammed Mounib prize, it will be awarded to the young researcher and translator Rachid Najib, who comes from the region of Goulemin Oued Noun and who has been interested in Amazigh culture since his youth.

On the same occasion, the Amazigh poet Omar Taous as well as the poet and translator Mohammed Farid Zalhoud will also be honored.

As for the Larbi Ben Mbarek prize, this year it will go to Yassine Rami, the defender of the Hassania of Agadir, as well as Youssef Moustakim, the “Maestro” of the Ultras Imazighen and one of Morocco’s most famous supporters.

This year, the association has chosen the theme “What regional strategy to make the Amazigh language official in the Souss-Massa region”, in line with the ongoing debate on wider regionalization and the means to achieve it, as well as the desire of this association to participate, like the institutions and ministerial departments, in the implementation of a plan to activate the official character of the Amazigh language as provided for in its regulatory law published in the official gazette.

“The Amazigh language in North Africa” is a theme that will also be addressed with the participation of the Algerian university researcher Nasser Jabi, coordinator of the book Amazigh Movements in North Africa, the Tunisian writer Fathi Moammer, the Libyan political actor and former president of the World Amazigh Congress Fathi ben Khalifa and the Moroccan academic Hussein Bou Yaacoubi, author of the book The Amazigh Question in Morocco and Algeria. “The Amazigh movement in Morocco: what prospects after the officialization” is a theme that will also be discussed.

And to celebrate the Amazigh New Year 2970, a great artistic evening will be organized on Sunday, January 12 on the Al Wahda square at the beach of Agadir. It will be broadcast live on the Amazigh channel and will see the participation of artists Omar Boutmazought, the Ahwach Bnat Louz troupe from Tafraout, El Batoul Marwani, Fatima Tabaamrant and Raïs El Hussein Taous.

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