These Sectors where Morocco Is World Champion

In search of a real breakthrough in terms of socio-economic development, Morocco can be pleased to have developed in recent decades a position of world leadership in some twenty products or economic sectors .

While eyes are riveted in Morocco on the Special Commission on the Development Model, which is giving rise to all hopes of finally taking the path of a real economic and social takeoff, speculation is running high on the proposals, probably disruptive, that this consultative body will not fail to put forward (we hope!) to lay the foundations for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Therefore, and without claiming to bring any wisdom to it, it is good to recall that all development economists agree that in order to create the conditions for such growth in the long term, it is necessary for the economy to be diversified and competitive in several economic sectors so that the income resilience of the demand for imports is not too high and does not lead to a rapid increase in imports that would exceed the rate of increase in exports in the long term. And building strong competitiveness in broad areas of activity often requires building and maintaining real economic leadership.

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