Who Doesn’t Know Ifrane’s Lion?

Who doesn’t know Ifrane’s lion? A very old statue in front of which (almost) all Moroccans took a break for a photo. It is however far from being an extraordinary monument, but it carries an important symbolic charge. So much so that this lion is watched very closely by the authorities who do not let anyone get close to it. It must be said that if Morocco is still trying to attract tourists with its beaches, luxury hotels and dream landscapes, the city of Ifrane is a place that promises to to be of interest.

In winter, one doesn’t think about beaches and sunshine anymore, one thinks first of calm and exotic places. Ifrane, also known as “Little Switzerland”, is becoming more and more popular with Moroccans who want to “break” their daily routine. It has the charm, the climate and the proximity that can also attract tourists from all over the world. But in terms of hotel infrastructure, apart from the magnificent “Michlifen”, a luxury hotel that is not within easy reach of everyone’s budget, the city does not offer enough choice. This is why thirty-five new establishments with a total investment of 385.5 million Dirhams are being built at the provincial level. We speak of “tourist projects with a capacity of more than 2000 beds”.

The latest data indicate that the number of classified hotel establishments in 2019 will be 62 with a bedding capacity of more than 3000 beds in Ifrane. There are “only” thirteen hotels currently in the region, not to mention guesthouses, inns, gites, etc. And all those who know the city keep in mind the famous “key bearers” who offer travelers accommodation for a fixed period of time. Like the lion of Ifrane, these men who offer apartment keys give a “cachet” to this small town. Those who have the keys to the tourist sector will have to be careful not to make Ifrane lose this charm, not to put the ingredients of mass tourism which would eventually have a negative effect.

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