Comedy and Singing Stars Are on ” 30 Million”

On February the 5th , the new Moroccan film “30 millions” will be screened in cinemas. It is the first Moroccan comedy film to bring together the stars of humor and singing, in addition to some well-known actors. The cast includes the duo Driss and Mehdi, Yassar, the singer Ibtisam Tiskat, Rabii El Kati, Rafik Boubker, the singer and comedian Ghani, and Fati Jamali, ex “Malihat Al Arab”.

Directed by Rabii Sajid, the film tells the story of three friends who never part from each other. Involved in a problem with the police, one of them goes to prison. The others will try to collect the sum of 30 million, which corresponds to the amount of bail required to free their friend. The result will be an incredible journey full of adventures and funny situations.

It should be noted that the director of this film studied cinema before working in the field of journalism, only to return later to his first passion. Initially, he worked on numerous sites, programs and commercials, which allowed him to develop and refine his technical and aesthetic skills over the course of about 14 years.

He directed television films such as “Al-Bazar” and “Ghalta”, in addition to a number of short films, soap operas and television programs such as “Lalla laarousa”, “Cook Studio” and “Addar Darkom”.

The script was written by the duo Driss, Mahdi and Bouchra Malak. The film is distributed by “Canal 4”.

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