Nostik Sells all the Copies of his Book at the Casablanca Book Fair

The book “Dialogue with the Muslim who lives inside me” by Hicham Nostik, also known as the “Moroccan miscreant”, has been highly sold at the Casablanca Book Fair whose 26th edition is being held from February 6 to 16, 2020.

Indeed, Monday evening, the 500 copies of the book exhibited at the show, were all sold. Thus, the publishing house “Dar Al-Tawhidi” which published this book in Moroccan Darija, ran out of all available copies well before the end of the show, waiting for the publisher to receive more copies.

The book is in the form of a dialogue between Hisham the Muslim and Hisham “Al-Kafir” (the miscreant), in which the two protagonists present their arguments and evidence, based on numerous religious references and texts.

Another book by the same Hisham Nostik is also among the best-selling books. It is “Diary of a Moroccan Miscreant”, published last year and whose copies were also sold in the last edition of the fair.

A few books and political memoirs, including Driss Guerraoui’s book on former Prime Minister Abderrahman Youssoufi, come in second place among the best-selling books.

The controversial writer, Hicham Nostik is known for his Facebook and YouTube debates with Moroccan and Arab Salafists, which had very high ratings, before Nostik replaced them with his new program, “Hiwarat Hicham” (Hicham Exchanges), in which he welcomes personalities who speak boldly and frankly about some commonly accepted evidence in the Islamic world.

The author maintains a great deal of mystery around his person, who remains unknown to the general public, as does his face and real name. There are no photos of him, except for some photos that have been altered to hide the features of his face, so that he is not recognized.

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