Maya: The Controversial One

Maya Dabaich embarked on a belly dance career in 2007, but only became famous in the last two years through social networks, especially when she appeared dancing with Othman Mouline, known as “Moul Al Bandir”, before her videos hit the web and she was in high demand due to her daring and controversial positions, which were causing a huge buzz in the media.

Maya was born in Casablanca in 1985. Like her grandmother, she has been passionate about dance from a young age. And when she grew up, she decided to make it a professional occupation, but her father, who was a senior official in the Royal Gendarme, was against it.

Maya got married at a very young age. She was no older than 18. She had her first daughter at the age of 19. But her married life was not at all happy, even though she had married her husband out of love. She found her way in the dance classes Nour gave her. It was she who encouraged her to invest in a professional career, as she said in one of her interviews with the magazine “Tel Quel”.

After her divorce from her first husband, Maya worked for years as a dancer in famous restaurants in Casablanca and elsewhere. She also participated in oriental dance festivals abroad, becoming famous in the economic capital, before deciding to marry again, to turn away from dancing and to wear the Islamic veil, at her husband’s request.

But her distancing from her lifelong passion made her unhappy, so she decided to divorce again, after giving birth to her second daughter: “For 12 years, I have been trying to prove that a dancer is not a prostitute and that she can belong to a good family, just as she can be a mother and a wife,” she said in the same interview.

Maya is now preparing to open her own dance school in Casablanca, after having gained great fame in Morocco thanks to her daring positions and her remarkable and seductive dance, making her a dancer who has nothing to envy from big stars such as Tahiya Kariouka or Samia Jamal.

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