Simone Bitton: The Truth Seeker

Simone Bitton was born in Rabat on January 3, 1955, into a Jewish family that has always been known for its jewelry trade. In 1966, she had to immigrate with her parents to Israel when she was only 11 years old.

She studied the history of the Arab world and the Middle East at the University of Paris VIII, before becoming passionate about cinema and joining the Institut supérieur d’études cinématographiques de Paris (Higher Institute of Cinema Studies of Paris). On behalf of French public television, she has carried out numerous surveys and portraits of several artistic personalities, including the singer Oum Kalthoum. Later on, she devoted herself to the production of several documentaries, including “Ben Barka: the Moroccan equation”, “Mahmoud Darwich, and the land as a language”, “The Bichara citizen”, “Wall” and “Rachel”. In her famous film “Ziyara”, she traces the life of Jews in the Moroccan society.

All of her works are characterized by an unquestionable professionalism as well as a strong humanitarian sense, making her one of the most appreciated and respected documentary filmmakers, especially since she is known for her neutrality and her search for truth.

Simone Bitton has always defended the rights of Palestinians, despite the fact that she grew up in Israel. She has always held this same position firmly in all her statements, interviews and documentaries.

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