Jews as Potential Candidates for Election

Members of the Jewish community in Morocco mention a few names among the personalities who are likely to stand as candidates in the elections of their representatives. The date for the poll has still not been set by the Interior Ministry, despite the high royal instructions that His Majesty Mohamed VI gave last year to organize the poll, which was discontinued 50 years ago.

In this respect, there is talk within the Jewish community of a few personalities, but they are not unanimous. They are Babi Azenkot, a businessman who chairs the Moroccan Federation of Israeli Schools and who is known for his many services in favor of his co-religionists. Alain Senior, the Jewish intellectual who organizes Morocco Week in Canada, Raphael Devico, a retired chartered accountant, as well as Jackie Kadoche, president of the Jewish community in Marrakech and former president of the same community in Essaouira, as well as many others, who are also potential candidates for these elections.

Simon Skira, President of the Federation of Moroccan Jews in France and President of the Moroccan-Israeli Friendship Association, is also on the list. This businessman living in France has announced his candidacy on his Facebook page. Gabriel Al-Hararar and dentist David Benchimol are also possible candidates.

In a recent statement, the Council of the Moroccan Jewish Community, chaired by Serge Berdugo, expressed its conviction that the Moroccan authorities, which will oversee these elections, will find the most effective way for members of the Jewish community to make their choice, hoping that “this election can be credible and transparent and that it will take place in harmony, solidarity and full cooperation among members of the Jewish community. »

It should be noted that a few months ago, His Majesty King Mohammed VI gave instructions to the Minister of the Interior, Mr. Abdel-Wafi Laftit, to resume the elections of representatives of the Moroccan Jewish community, which have been discontinued since 1969, stressing the need to ensure that the frequency of these elections is respected, in accordance with the provisions of the dahir of May 7, 1945, as specified in a statement by the Ministry of the Interior, which was circulated to the media..

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