This Moroccan Mother and her Daughter Are the New Stars of Instagram in the Netherlands

Meryem and her mother Najat have made their mark on Instagram by posting some of the most original fashion photos. Originally from Morocco and living in Rotterdam, they have become the favorites of the fashion world and the Maghreb community in Holland.

What girl never wanted to dress like her mother when she was a child? In this case, it’s the mother who lets her daughter dress her for our greatest pleasure!

“My mother has taken over my Instagram account, I’m only here to take the pictures,” writes @Meryemsfirst in the bio of her Instagram account.

Indeed, Najate Leklye, 67, is undoubtedly the star of her daughter’s Instagram account. Breaking with the stereotypes surrounding women of her age and community, Meryem Slimani, is multiplying poses and dress codes, making sure to match her hijab.

In streetwear style, gangsta and Nike Air Max poses on her feet or in flashy colors, banana around her waist and superimposition of gold jewels in a rapper way, Najate Leklye has style and she proves it to us via her daughter’s crazy Instagram account.

Both women don’t hesitate to show off their Moroccan roots. In addition to the comfortable and cutting-edge clothes Najate wears, she also likes to combine a caftan with a pair of sneakers, and sometimes takes out of her wardrobe her old vintage pieces from the 70s and 80s, combining them with a traditional Moroccan belt and slippers.

Meryem, her daughter and accomplice who grew up in Morocco since the age of 4, does not hesitate to pose with her, making sure to match her outfit with her mother’s, and sometimes taking inspiration from Hassan Hajjaj’s photos.

Meryem Slimani, a Dutchwoman of Moroccan origin who now lives in Rotterdam with her mother, was spotted by Vogue Magazine and describes the background of this unique story.

– “I was frustrated with the Instagram communities. I didn’t look like the girls on the street-wear sites. I didn’t look like the girls who were doing positive body language, either,” she explains.

Gradually, she got into the habit of including her mother in her photo stream, and those images became a big hit. Not only is her mother photogenic, she is also taking part in the makeover game, thus breaking with the traditional image of older women of immigrant origin.

“Her generation of Moroccan women, as well as immigrant women, are not visible, especially on social networks,” says Meryem.

Najate Leklye, a former teacher in Morocco, has become a pillar of the Dutch-Moroccan community since she moved to the small town of Schoonhoven in 1980, organizing Arabic classes for recently arrived immigrants who did not have the same level of education.

She was even awarded by the Queen of the Netherlands for her work in the community, including her efforts to build a bridge between the Moroccan and Dutch communities.

However, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago, she could no longer continue to be involved in community life as she had been in the past.

It is at this very moment that her daughter Meryem uses Instagram to keep her mother busy and take her mind off things.

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