Azemmour, City of Saints and Legends

Azemmour is a Moroccan city, small in size but big in history. It has been classified by historians as one of the oldest cities in the world, despite the lack of scientific or archaeological evidence to prove it, and the dissimilarity of historical accounts of its origin. It is said to have been founded several hundred years before Christ and then destroyed before a new city was built on its ruins. Some Greek astrologers have described it as a slab of holy ground and the place where Noah (peace be upon him) landed before the great flood carried it to North Africa.

Azemmur, which is distinguished by its geographical position between river, ocean and forest, is known for its marabouts, headed by Moulay Bouchaib, and lalla Aisha Al bahria, who, according to legend, came from Baghdad in search of the love of her life, Moulay Bouchaib Raddad, whom she met when he was studying in Iraq. But fate separated them forever, following the death of lalla Aisha, drowned in the banks of Oum Er-Rbia, which the city overlooks, just before reaching her beloved.

Azemmur is also known for its brotherhoods (Tijania, Chadlia, Derkaouia, Aissaouia, Hamdouchia), as well as for its mosques (the Great Mosque, the Zaitoun Mosque, the Ssi Al khadim Mosque, etc.), in addition to its towers, souks and kasbahs.

It was ruled by the Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Burghwates, Romans and Arabs. It has been mentioned in historical sources under several names, including Tazemmourt, Azma and Azemmour, which in Amazigh means the branch of the wild olive tree, a plant that was widespread in the region.

The Jews lived in the Mellah of this city. Among them were goldsmiths, tailors, merchants of cloth, wine, etc., and they had a great deal of influence on the life of the city. Many shrines of Jewish rabbis, among the miracle-workers, still exist and continue to serve as a pilgrimage destination for many Jews throughout the world. The most famous of these is the shrine of Rabbi Abraham Mull Niss.

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