Trump Irritates the World with his Statements about the Coronavirus

The new statements by US President Donald Trump, made on Tuesday on the “Fox News” channel, irritated many American citizens as well as the media around the world, especially after he pointed out that the economic crisis his country will experience as a result of the discontinuation of activities and the confinement of citizens at home, will claim many more victims than a spread of the Coronavirus could cause, because, he says, thousands of mental disorders and suicides are expected to occur as a result, adding that Americans are a dynamic people who refuse to be trapped in an apartment or house.

Trump warned that the country would be completely destroyed if preventive measures to counter the spread of the Coronavirus continue, saying that he had reluctantly accepted his measures and that the United States is not meant to be shut down.

Trump said normal flu kills thousands of people every year, but the country does not stop for that and many also die in traffic accidents, but carmakers are not being asked to stop production, insisting that Americans should resume work as soon as possible and respect social distances, and promising to restore all economic activities by the Easter holiday season on April 12 or, especially in states with low infection rates.

Known for his controversial statements and positions, the U.S. president underestimated the advice and warnings of doctors and scientists about the Coronavirus, saying, “If we had followed what the doctors were saying, we would have shut down the whole world”.

As a result, Trump’s statements irritated many Americans on social networks, to the point that some called him “crazy”, at the same time that many newspapers attacked him. Some even felt that he is not qualified to protect the lives of citizens, and that he is playing with them and underestimates their importance, adding that only his upcoming election campaign is a challenging concern for him. These newspapers also said that he is managing this crisis with the logic of a businessman because he lacks political experience.

It should be noted that the American president has been slow to impose preventive measures on the Americans in order to counter the virus that he insists on calling “the Chinese”. He did not take it seriously at first, assuring that there is nothing to worry about, because this virus will disappear as if by some miracle’.

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