Artists Support the Disadvantaged and Contribute to the Corona Fund

Many Moroccan artists have contributed to the Aid Fund created on a royal initiative to combat the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic and reduce its impact on the populations and sectors concerned. These include the Fnaïre group, which launched a challenge on Instagram, calling on fellow artists to come to the help of the needy and the affected families. Asmaa Lemnawar, Saad Lamjarad and RedOne, are among the artists who participated in the care of more than 50 Moroccan families during a 15-day period.

Through the Instagram account of Amin al-Hinnawi, the group’s technical director, the band published photos of young people, dressed in T-shirts with the inscription Fnaïre, distributing food and “baskets” to the families. The group also published a copy of the donation receipt for its contribution to the aid fund.

Asmaa Lamnawarr responded to the challenge by donating a sum of money to the pandemic fund and published a document attesting to this on its official pages on social networks, as did Hatim Ammour, who also shared photos relating to aid to needy families and the receipt attesting to his contribution to the support fund.

In addition, other artists have been involved in awareness campaigns aimed at encouraging citizens to stay in their homes. For example, they have sent messages via their official accounts on social networks with the slogans “Stay at home, protect your country”. These include the actress Saâdia Azgoun who posted a video on her Instagram account in which she spoke with the accent of the character “Lalla Manana”, the comedian Eko, who publishes daily comic videos encouraging Moroccans to stay at home, the singer Karima Skalli who shares her daily experiences with her followers and who published a video on how to prepare bread in the traditional way.

Singing has been among the means used by some artists to urge Moroccans to stay home. For example, a group of young artists launched a song based on the rhythms of the Andalusian music. This short song was widely broadcast on social networks as well as on national channels such as Médi1 TV.

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