Ways in Which Informal Households Can Benefit from Government Assistance

The Economic Watch Committee (EWC), which met on Monday 23 March, focused on measures to support the informal sector directly impacted by the required containment to combat the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

Given the complexity and scale of the problem, it was decided to deal with it in two phases:

Phase I:

– Households with RAMED operating in the informal sector, who no longer have an income due to mandatory containment, are eligible for subsistence assistance to be provided by the Special Fund for the Management of Covid-19, established by King Mohammed VI, determined as follows:

– 800 dirhams for households of two persons or less;

– 1,000 dirhams for households of three to four persons;

– 1,200 dirhams for households of more than four persons.

– The head of the Ramediste household must send his RAMED card number by SMS from his mobile phone to the following short number 1212.

The Ramed cards that will be accepted are those that were valid on December 31, 2019.

– They can be submitted from Monday, March 30, 2020. The distribution of financial aid will be done gradually from Monday, April 6, in order to respect the preventive measures dictated by the pandemic.

– The number 1212 can also be called to provide assistance to households and respond to any claims they may have.

– In this period of solidarity and great efforts, any voluntarily unfounded declaration is liable to legal action.

Phase II:

– For non-ramedists, operating in the informal sector, who have lost their income due to the containment, the same amounts of aid will be granted to them.

– The launch of an electronic platform dedicated to the filing of declarations will be announced shortly.

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