What Will the World Be Like after Corona?

The magazine “Foreign Policy”, interviewed a group of international analysts and thinkers about the state of the world after Corona and how this epidemic will affect international relations.

The American John Allen, director of the Brookings Institution, said that the crisis will reshape the structure of global forces. After the strong pressure on the economy and the increase in tensions between countries, conflicts and instability will arise in some countries. Other developing countries, whose workers are economically unprotected, will experience economic isolation.

For his part, former U.S. diplomat Nicholas Burns said the economic and financial repercussions of the Corona crisis could go beyond the global crisis of 2008, affecting the world order and balance of power as we know it today.

Richard Haass, a former diplomat, predicted that the Corona crisis will lead to a further decline in U.S.-China relations and weaken the European Union and the entire system of globalization, while John Ikenberry, a professor of political science at Princeton University, spoke of building a new world order that will better protect states.

Robin Niblett, Director of Chatham House, predicted the end of globalization, which would create a model of international cooperation that would be difficult to maintain.

As for the American academic and politician Stephen Walt, he said that the crisis will strengthen the concepts of state and nationalism as well as the dominance of governments that will refuse to give up their new powers once the crisis is over.

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