Othman El Ferdaous: The Minister Who Doesn’t Like to Be in the Spotlight

Othman El Ferdaous, appointed by His Majesty King Mohamed VI as Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, was born in 1979 in Casablanca, where he currently lives with his wife and two children. He is originally from Tafraout.

Othman El Ferdaous is familiar with politics, as he is the son of the famous politician Abdellah El Ferdaous, one of the founders of the Constitutional Union Party, just as he is equally familiar with the Othmani government, where he previously held the post of Secretary of State to the Minister of Industry, Investment, Trade and the Digital Economy, responsible for investment in 2017, before being dismissed in 2018.

Before he took up the post about two years ago, at the suggestion of Mohammed Sajid, a friend of his father’s and Secretary General of the Constitutional Union Party to which he is affiliated, no one knew him or had heard of him, especially from the media, which only knew of his relationship to the politician Abdallah El-Firdaous.

Despite his appointment as Secretary of State, his media appearances had remained so rare and almost non-existent that the media referred to him as a silent minister, although some French-language magazines, including “Jeune Afrique”, had portrayed him as intelligent, cultured and charismatic.

Othman El Ferdaous continued his secondary education at the Lyautey high school in Casablanca, before going to Nantes to study business, then to Paris to study journalism at the Institute of Political Studies, where he obtained a Master’s degree in 2007.

Othman El Ferdaous has worked for many international institutions as a consultant or project manager. He supervised many digital projects when he was Secretary of State. He has a strong and influential network of relations within the decision-making centers, which allows him to be one of the ministers of the government of competence, wanted by His Majesty King Mohammed VI. He works in the shadows and does not like to be in the media spotlight.

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