Moroccans Stranded Abroad: The Exchange Office Announces an Exceptional Measure

Moroccans currently stranded abroad will be able to access an exceptional tourist endowment.

A recently signed note of the Exchange Office announces to the Professional Grouping of the Banks of Morocco that, given the current sanitary circumstances in many countries, a “financial” lifeline should be given to these Moroccans.

In agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans residing abroad, it has been decided to invite those persons who would like to benefit from an exceptional tourist endowment to present their requests for an exceptional tourist endowment to their banks.

Three conditions for that, underlines the Foreign Exchange Office. It is necessary indeed to be first of all resident in Morocco, to be currently in a situation of blockage abroad and to have exhausted all the foreign currency endowments of all kinds.

This allocation is limited to the equivalent of MAD 20,000 per adult individual who meets the three conditions mentioned above.

Thus, the Office asks the banks to pay the endowment in question after receiving “in particular by electronic means the request of the applicant accompanied by a full copy of the passport and a copy of the CIN”.

This grant may be loaded onto the applicant’s international payment card or be served to him in the form of a money transfer.

It should be noted that 18,226 Moroccans are currently stranded abroad as a result of border closures as part of the preventive measures taken to combat the spread of the new Coronavirus.

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