Caïd Houria: An Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove

In the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, the Caïd Houria has managed to bring a smile to many people, just as she has helped to reconcile citizens with authority, thus becoming an icon, particularly following the dissemination of many videos showing her on social networks, urging people to go home and comply with the health containment.

This officer of authority, who has been able to give a new glow to the post of Caïd, has won the admiration of Moroccans of all ages, thanks to her way of enforcing the law and convincing citizens to obey it, combining the firmness of the woman in power with the tenderness of motherhood.

Caïd Houria has a perfect knowledge of Gharib al-Dari in Safi, her territory of command. She also knows everyone and addresses the citizens by their first names. She has great interpersonal communication skills and expresses herself in a simple and conversational manner in order to convey her messages clearly and effectively, without any arrogance, domination or imposition, which only increases violence and hatred.

Caïd Houria Balsik was born in Casablanca, in the Bournazil district, located near the legendary Hay Mohammadi district. She studied at the Hassan II University where she obtained a PhD in constitutional law and political science. She started her career in her home town. She held the position of Caïd at Belvedere, before being transferred to Safi and becoming famous during the Coronavirus crisis.

Some of her sentences, such as “The world is dying, while you can’t find anything else to do but laugh”; “Go home; disappear! “have become very famous.

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