The Appearance of a new Virus More Dangerous than Covid-19

Several websites and media sources have reported information about the spread of a new, deadly, and more dangerous disease than Covid-19 in Kazakhstan, according to Chinese officials and the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan. They said 1,772 people, including Chinese, died from the disease in the first half of this year. The embassy warned its citizens against travelling to Kazakhstan, insisting on the importance of wearing masks, respecting social distancing and washing hands regularly to protect themselves, claiming that the number of deaths due to this virus is more than that of the Coronavirus.

The British newspaper “Express” reported that Kazakhstan is experiencing an increase in the number of cases of this virus which have been first detected in June. The Ministry of Health in Kazakhstan confirmed this, pointing out that between 29 June and 5 July, 32,000 cases and 451 deaths were recorded throughout the country. The chairman of the health department in the capital of Kazakhstan said that about 300 people with the virus enter hospitals every day.

It is an unknown pneumonia, he said, adding that Kazakhstan’s health authorities are still conducting research to determine its type and identity and to compare it to Covid-19.

A few days ago, the Russian media reported on the emergence of the new contaminating and deadly virus in China. It spreads among monkeys and can be passed from one person to another through blood, mucus, respiratory tract or wounds. This virus was first discovered in rural areas in 2009 and has been called ‘Bonia’ by experts. It causes a high fever, severe rash, constant coughing and decreased blood platelets, which is why the risk of death is very high if it is not diagnosed early.

The death rate from the new virus, which has an incubation period of one to two weeks, is 10% and may even cause a local epidemic according to experts. Elderly people remain increasingly vulnerable, especially since no vaccine or medication to treat it has been available so far.

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