Foreign Employees in Morocco, this Concerns you

The Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training states that its competent migration and employment services will resume from April 21 until the end of the state of emergency, the reception of files concerning applications for the renewal of work permits for foreign employees, as well as applications for the retirement of employees who have reached the age limit.

This procedure follows the extension of the state of health emergency declared by the government in order to fight against the effects and risks of spreading the Coronavirus COVID-19, underlines the ministry in a press release.

For the renewal of work permits for foreign employees, the same source indicates that the employer may send directly, by e-mail ( or by fax to 05 37 68 31 86, a written request addressed to the Ministry of Labor and Professional Insertion (Employment Directorate) duly signed by the employer and the employee, bearing the stamp of the employer and accompanied by a copy of the employment contract established between the two parties.

The Ministry’s agreement will be considered as an implicit extension of the work permit until the state of emergency is over, provided that the situation of the employee concerned is subsequently resolved by submitting to the “TAECHIR” offices all the documents required in accordance with the procedure applied in this matter.

Concerning the requests for the maintenance in service of employees who have reached the age limit, the employer may send directly the file of the employee who has reached the age limit, including the required documents, by e-mail to the e-mail address It is indicated that as soon as the file is processed, a copy of the application form for maintenance in service, duly signed by the Ministry, will be sent to the employer by e-mail.

The Ministry ensures that its services remain at the disposal of employers and employees to provide them with all the necessary information on this subject, through its telephone contacts dedicated to the application for a visa for a foreigner’s employment contract (06 74 48 03 58, 06 61 79 88 54 or 06 61 04 99 03) and the request for information and information on “TAECHIR” (06 74 48 03 68) and on “Continued employment after the retirement age limit” (06 74 48 02 99 and 06 61 04 99 03).

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