Rabbi Pinto Infected with Covid-19

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto got infected with Covid-19 a few days ago. This news has worried his followers around the world, as well as the Jewish community in Morocco, especially since the rabbi who presides over the Hebrew court in Casablanca is suffering from cancer. His contamination could therefore have serious repercussions on his health, even though he is barely 47 years old, since the virus affects people with serious and chronic illnesses.

The Rabbi’s relatives have called on all Jews around the world to pray for him. Originally from Morocco, the rabbi moved to the Kingdom about two years ago after being appointed president of the Hebrew court and supervisor of Kashrut (providing kosher food to members of the Jewish community in the Kingdom, according to Jewish tradition).

As one of the greatest teachers of Kabbalah, the Rabbi is respected throughout the world. He has founded several religious schools in the United States, Canada, France, Israel and Morocco, and he plans to inaugurate a religious school for Jewish children in Casablanca, where the largest number of Jews in the Kingdom reside. This is one of the many projects that the Rabbi has presented to the community since his arrival in Morocco and his appointment as president of the court.

The Rabbi gave religious lessons regularly, but with the spread of the virus, he began to broadcast these lessons live on various social network platforms, where more than a million Jews around the world follow him.

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