Morocco: The Market Supply Is Regular and with Stable Prices During Ramadan

In a statement issued on Thursday, the inter-ministerial commission in charge of monitoring supply, quality and price control operations said that markets are normally provided with food, energy and hygiene products, while prices of the main commodities are stable.

“The constant market monitoring by the departments concerned, notes that there is a normal supply of food, energy and hygiene products, and that the available quantities largely cover the needs of Ramadan, and several weeks or even several months,” reported a statement by the department of General Affairs and Governance under the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Administrative Reform.

Regarding the first five days of this holy month, the costs of the main essential goods have been stable compared to the previous week, some products have even had lower price levels compared to the same period of the previous year, added the same source.

Among these, tomato prices declined by 11% over the year, green onions were down by 36% and dry onions by 14%, while prices of oranges and lemons increased, the statement said, stressing that meat prices are stable in the short term and comparing them with last year, beef and sheep meat prices were down 6.5% and live chicken prices were down 25.5%.

The Interministerial Commission meeting was chaired by the Department of General Affairs and Governance of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and attended by the ministerial departments of Interior, Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Industry and Trade, and Energy and Mines to discuss the situation of supply, prices and control.

The Commission will keep on holding regular meetings to monitor the development of the market conditions, the supply and price levels and the results of the interventions of the control committees to deal with any type of fraud, speculation or price manipulation.

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