During Ramadan, 2M Builds on the “Successful” Programs of Previous Years

Living Ramadan in confinement is not easy. While family meals and evenings will be missed this year, there will be plenty of entertainment. At least, that’s what the 2M television channel promises. “In the preparation of its Ramadan schedule, which began several months ago, 2M has involved Morocco’s most popular stars in prestigious programming and, in order to meet the expectations of all categories of viewers, the channel has expanded its offer with fiction, short formats, humor, drama, cooking capsules, cultural events, debate magazines, reflecting all the socio-cultural diversity of Morocco,” says a statement from the channel.

Despite the controversial opinions, the famous hidden camera “Mchiti Fiha” comes back every day after the ftour. New “traps” will test the coolness of Moroccan celebrities in a “humorous” setting. 2M says the show has achieved a record audience in 2019 with more than 13.6 million viewers. According to its managing director, 2M is “using the results and positive feedback from previous years” to confirm its role as a “unifying” media.

“More than ever, in the current context, our mission is to bring Moroccans together and this obliges us even more to give the best of ourselves,” it said. In order to bring Moroccans together around its programs, 2M has once again opted for the leading figure in national comedy: Hassan El Fad. 

With “Tendance”, every Friday night, the humorist takes a close look at the whole Moroccan society and makes a mockery of everyday life situations, through a gallery of hilarious characters and zany profiles. However, Hassan El Fad’s mission will not be as easy as in previous years.

This year, the 2M does not give up the laughter shared around the ftour table. It offers the series “The Cooperative” which shares the eventful life of an agricultural cooperative founded by women from a village in the Middle Atlas. 

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