Moroccan Tourism: The ONMT Is Getting Ready for the Reopening of Markets

The Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) provides Moroccan tourism operators with an interactive site which gathers information on the international tourist markets, in order to follow directly the impact of covid-19 throughout the world and to anticipate the reopening of the markets, an action started by the Office’s teams at the very beginning of the crisis.

Alongside its weekly news report on the situation of covid-19 on all markets, the ONMT is introducing an innovation to its covid-19 crisis management system. An innovation which meets a strong expectation of Moroccan operators in order to have a complete and real time visibility of the situation of the tourist markets, and especially of the modalities of reopening the markets. Since Monday, the Office has put on line an interactive site gathering information on the international tourist markets.

As part of the Office’s digital strategy, this monitoring and steering tool has been designed in-house thanks to the skills, expertise and commitment of the ONMT’s teams operating throughout the world.

Thanks to this monitoring and steering tool, operators have a complete and real-time view of the situation of the world tourism markets.

The system is based on an interactive world map, which allows to follow the latest developments in each country concerning:

– the situation of airspace

– the health situation

– the market situation

– Market Insights and collected qualitative data

– testimonials from our international partners

– support measures

– the situation of recovering markets

Hence, the ONMT provides Moroccan tourist operators with a complete and interactive anticipation and steering tool in the form of a “one-stop-shop”, in order to help them prepare for the reopening of the markets and refine their action plan in anticipation of the reopening of the markets.

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