Israel Is Angry Over a Series that Predicts its End

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed its anger and protest against the series “Annihaya” (The End) which, in one of its episodes, anticipated Israel’s disappearance.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement in which it expressed its displeasure with the Egyptian series, according to some Israeli media, saying that its prediction of the disappearance of the State of Israel is all the more unfortunate and unacceptable, given that it comes 41 years after the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

Avichai Adraei, spokesperson for Tsahal, said on his Facebook page: “This series does not deserve to be commented on. They talk about fictitious things, while we perform miracles day after day. Like it or not, Israel will remain forever. »

This series, whose main role is played by Youssef Sharif, has indeed predicted in one of its episodes, the disappearance of the State of Israel, 100 years after its founding, and the departure of Jews living there to return to their homeland. It also predicted the break-up of the United States into several countries. Another character in this series, whose fictional events take place in Jerusalem in 2120, evokes the war of liberation of Jerusalem that destroyed Israel, as well as the dismantling of the United States that supported it.

For his part, the author of the series, Amr Samir Atef, who previously wrote the screenplay for the film “Oulad El Amm”. (The Cousins), whose story revolves around an Israeli spy in Egypt, a work that has also caused an outcry in Israel, was surprised by the reaction of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, considering it to be exaggerated, especially since the events in the work are fictitious, like all science fiction works that predict the disappearance of the whole world, not just one country. He added, in a statement reported by the BBC website, that Israel continually produces artistic works that attack Arabs and Palestinians and portray them as terrorists, wondering: “Why are they seeking to remove our right to creative freedom? »

The series “The End” is broadcast on “On TV”. Its characters are played by Sawsan Badr, Amr Abdeljalil, Nahed El Sebaei. It is directed by Yasser Samy. Its events revolve around the story of an engineer trying to prevent the impact of technology on the world.

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