Morocco: The First Web Radio Station for Enterprises Is Launched

The first business radio has just been put into service in Morocco. It is headed by two experts in the field, Faïçal Tadlaoui and Franck Mathiau, who have decided to launch an in-house radio station to create a lively and dynamic link between management and teams.

This project was driven into action because of the confinement where the majority of employees have been forced to work from home.

Thus, the web radio is an effective response to the need to control the company’s internal information. “Apart from the purely strategic subjects that concern the daily functioning of the company, we take care to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in these times of confinement, we have to eliminate all the inconveniences that can disturb the employees and put them at ease. With teams that no longer have any real contacts, it is important that they have a secure channel that is accessible from anywhere and that communicates useful information approved by the company,” emphasizes Faïçal Tadlaoui, producer, speaker and host on Atlantic Radio (“Les Experts” citizen program).

In-house radio is very popular around the world and viewed as a very useful broadcasting medium for the various departments. “It is important that these radios are similar to the radios we listen to every day, with unifying music, hosts at the service of the company, and daily meetings that enhance the value of the team,” explains Franck Mathiau, media consultant, radio and digital content expert.

The Moroccan bank strongly supports the concept and the importance of providing information in real time and simultaneously on various internal company subjects, but also of highlighting the company’s strategy and promoting the work of its employees.

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