Jewish Artist: Jim Lee, Photography Icon

The fashion photography icon Jim Lee remains the master of asymmetrical compositions, vivid colors giving a new plastic narrative and a revival of the language of fashion photography.

Jim Lee was born in 1945 to parents who worked for the British Intelligence Service. He was a descendant of the royal family and the child of the photographer who lived in a protected environment with daily privileges and the scent of festivities and adventures.

Jim Lee settled in Australia, enchanted by the wild life in the open air of the Australian outback. He became a self-taught photographer there, living a life of passion.

Even before his return to Albion, he had been looking into his own reputation as a photographer of the greats British musical (Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc.). Back in England, he started to work in fashion photography and worked with Anna Wintour, a young and promising editor-in-chief.

From the “Swinging Sixties” in London, at the end of the 1960s, he became the most famous photographer before turning to cinema for a film with Alan Bates. He then collaborated with influential creators such as Yves Saint Laurent and Gianni Versace, and directed more than 200 major commercials.

All of his world remains a wild and playful fantasy. Lee never hesitates to challenge others with implicit and often more marked provocation. A way to underline the subtle charm of the bourgeoisie and the somewhat crowned heads.

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