Jewish artist: Brigitte Kowanz’s luminous hook

Brigitte Kowanz’s luminous hook

Brigitte Kowanz, Lighting installation “Museum”, Jewish Museum of Vienna, Permanent

The Austrian artist Brigitte Kowanz presents a light installation at the “Jewish Museum in Vienna”. The first word is transcribed in Hebrew on the façade of the Eskeles Palace at 11 Dorotheergasse. It was created on the initiative of Danielle Spera, Director of the place and was sponsored by the Circle of Friends of the Jewish Museum in Biel.

Brigitte Kowanz, born in Vienna, is one of the most renowned artists for her light installations and architectural interventions.

She studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Some of her structures have already been presented at the Venice Biennale as early as 1984. She has also exhibited in Eindhoven, Munich, Berlin, Brussels, Tel Aviv and Vienna, among others.

For her, light is synonymous with measure, form and existence. It is a way of proposing “Situations” in the public space and reconciling its proposals with the architectural space.

More specifically, the aim here is to reconcile the norms of a new art and an old art in such a way as to create a balance and reciprocal attention to the two postulates: that of the work of art and that of the building.

The designer theory is simple and boils down to “I show, you watch”. It is a call to come and see beyond the announcement and behind the walls. The work by its particular aspect is there to incite curiosity and the need to see more thanks to this luminous hook.

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