The singer/dancer Noa Neve

Having grown up singing and dancing in a multi-cultured country like Israel, Noa was exposed to a variety of musical styles and dance disciplines that ultimately lent themselves to what is now her diverse and comprehensive talent range.

Noa’s move to New York City gave her the opportunity to continue her training with some of the most talented performers in the business including: Gregory Hines, Savion Glover, Ann Reinking and Ben Vereen.

By the age of seventeen she was performing in the Tony award winning musical “Fosse”. After “Fosse”, Noa was a featured performer in the Broadway smash “Aida”.

She has had a deep fascination melding ancient melodies and ethnic instruments from various Mediterranean cultures. The percussive drums inherent in Moroccan music resonated with her the most and inspired her to begin a musical journey of mixing pop with middle eastern influences. With production teams in both NY & LA. Noa writes and sings in English, Hebrew, Arabic, and Spanish.

Mixing world pop rhythms with sultry melodies she provides the ingredients for this exotic, multi-ethnic sound and visual experience.

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