Israeli Media Analyze TV Productions Concerning the Normalization with the State of Israel

Some of the Israeli media have devoted analytical articles about Arab series broadcast during Ramadan that cover the issue of Israel and its relations with the Arab world. In particular, the series “Umm Haroun” and “Exit 7”, broadcast on MBC1, as well as the series “Nihaya”, broadcast on “On TV”.

According to the Israeli media, the Arab world is divided on the subject of these series, between, on one hand, those who approve of the change in perception towards Israel and the Palestinians that the Arabs would have supported (particularly Saudi Arabia), but which would have received nothing in return but ingratitude, and, on the other hand, those who criticize the attempts to promote normalization with the Hebrew State, testing in particular the reactions of the Arab street, via these television series.

Thus, the Israeli channel “Kan”, in a special report on the Arab Ramadan series which it rebroadcast on the “Israel Speaks Arabic” page associated with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, pointed out this disagreement among Arabs about normalization, specifying that these dramas are broadcast on the orders of higher authorities, in reference to the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman, and that they carry messages addressed to the United States about tolerance towards other religions.

As for the “Yediot Aharonot” newspaper, it considered that the case is related to a political message that opens the way to normalization with Israel, and to the expression of a change in the position of some Arab countries, according to Yaron Friedman, a commentator on Arab affairs in the famous Hebrew newspaper, who added: “The young generation of oil-producing countries has not witnessed the Arab wars with Israel; They do not take Israel as their enemy, unlike Iran, which supplies the Houthis in Yemen with weapons for launching them into Saudi Arabia. »

The newspaper “Maariv” devoted an article to the “Nihaya” series which predicted Israel’s disappearance. It stated in a statement by Jacques Hoge, commentator on Arab affairs on Israeli army radio, that this work is “a miniaturized form that represents the twisted relationship between Cairo and Tel Aviv,” expressing astonishment at the broadcasting of this series, despite the strengthening of relations with Abdel Fattah Sissi’s regime in recent years.

For its part, the Israeli channel 12 considers that the series on normalization is a sign of a fundamental change that goes beyond normalization to strengthen the peace process between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

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