Paul Marciano: The Creative Entrepreneur

Paul Marciano’s name remained associated with the fashion brand “Guess”, in spite of his decision to resign after one of his models accused him of sexual harassment.

His fortune is estimated at around $2 billion, made during his years of managing the brand, which he founded with his brothers Georges, Armand and Maurice in 1981. He has been active as the creator and artistic director of this brand which, over the years, has managed to compete with the biggest international brands, especially after having combined the quality of the product with its price which has always been within the reach of the middle classes, and not only the rich.

Paul Marciano was born into a family of Jewish rabbis. His origins go back to the town of Debdo, in the region of Oujda, where he was born in 1952, but he grew up in Marseille.

At a very young age, Paul had an accident that prevented him from walking for months. He was forced to use a wheelchair before he could walk again, but he was never able to return to school. So he left France and went to Israel, where he spent some time before joining his brothers who had begun to take their first steps in the business world.

The idea of creating a fashion brand emerged among the Marciano brothers during a trip to California in the late 1970s. Impressed by the American way of life, they decided to open a “Jeans” store, but one that was different from the ones Americans were used to wearing. The experiment was a success. They were inspired by an advertisement for “Mac Donald”, and extended their activities to other products such as shoes, clothes, jewelry, watches, belts, etc..

Paul Marciano has become known for his strong support for synagogues and election campaigns in the United States, just as he has become known for his support for the Israeli army, to which he donated $5.2 million in 2014.

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