Support for Art Professionals: El Ferdaous Distributes an Outstanding Amount of MAD 13.5 Million

“In a difficult time, we must help artists and the world of books to get through this period of crisis,” reads the culture minister’s tweet, adding that the funds were immediately released from the National Fund for Cultural Action (FNAC).

Specifically, this involves 124 files of grants to support arts professionals, amounting to 7.7 million dirhams (theater, music, choreographic arts, plastic arts, painting and photography).

More than 721 files relating to outstanding support for publishing and books for a total amount of MAD 5.6 million (bookshops, cultural magazines, reading awareness, participation in international fairs) have been cleared, including 176 files dating from 2016 and 2017.

Other supports are under consideration for 2020, promises El Ferdaous, recalling the role of the cultural sector in the recovery of the tourism, educational, audiovisual and digital value chains.

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