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The confinement imposed on citizens around the world has not prevented Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto from communicating with his followers, be it through social networks where his accounts are followed by hundreds of thousands of fans, such as Instagram or Facebook, or through certain applications such as “Telegram”, through which he receives many questions and answers them in great detail.

Question of the day:

Date: 24.03.202

Subject: Epidemic

We would like to get through this difficult period, we do the maximum of mitsvot, tsedaka, sefer Devarim.

But we can see that even the great rabbis have caught the virus and died. What can we do to get through this period in peace?

Answer of the RAV:

When the angel of death comes, he goes after everyone, even the tsadikim.

Rabbi Eliezer Papo, saints among the great tzadikim, how many times have we gone to pray at his grave with many students.

In his time there was an epidemic, he said to his relatives on the night of Hochana Raba: I am going to bed tonight and I will not get up again and I will be a kapara for Am Israel.

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