Rabbi Pinto Offers $10,000 per Week to Poor Moroccan Jews

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto gave a lecture to his Moroccan Jewish students and disciples last Sunday, when he had just visited his grandfather’s grave in Casablanca.

The rabbi, who recently suffered a bacterial infection that weakened him severely, spoke about the Coronavirus pandemic, praying to the Almighty to inflict this disease and its pain on him and to spare all humanity.

Rabbi Pinto, the President of the Rabbinical Court of Casablanca, also expressed his wishes for good health for His Majesty King Mohammed VI and stability and prosperity for the Kingdom of Morocco.

He also expressed his warm thanks to all the rabbis who came to the aid of the Jewish community residing in Morocco during this crisis. Among them were Rabbi Manakhim, Rabbi Kassos, Rabbi Shlomo Azran, Rabbi Manakhim Dahon and Rabbi Isaac Hana, who worked hard to provide provisions and kosher meat. He also thanked Rabbi Shlomo Bouskila who came especially from Israel to help, leaving his family behind.

The Moroccan rabbi, who was appointed chief rabbi of Moroccan Jews and who is considered one of the greatest and most famous rabbis in the world, urged all his Jewish disciples and students living abroad to settle in Morocco and invest their money there.

Rabbi Pinto also thanked the students of the Hebrew School (Yeshivah) in Casablanca, who exposed themselves to all kinds of dangers during the period of confinement, in order to provide food and basic needs for the Jewish community in Morocco.

Rabbi Pinto announced the creation of a space to help Moroccan Jews in need. The space will be named after his uncles, Rabbi Raphael and Rabbi Mayer. More than $10,000 will be distributed each week to needy Moroccan Jews to enable them to lead a decent life in Morocco without having to travel to Israel.

In his speech to his disciples and followers, the Rabbi stated that his highest objective is to spread the teachings of Judaism in the Holy Land of Morocco, without this noble objective being in conflict with the political orientations of the country.

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