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The confinement imposed on citizens around the world has not prevented Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto from communicating with his followers, be it through social networks where his accounts are followed by hundreds of thousands of fans, such as Instagram or Facebook, or through certain applications such as “Telegram”, through which he receives many questions and answers them in great detail.

Question of the day:

Date: 24.03.2020                        

Subject: parnassa, education, epidemic   

What should we do in this difficult period of the epidemic? Should we lower our living expenses and save money?         

RAV’s Answer:

Even if someone has good financial means and the world is in great difficulty, they have to put that in mind. 

For example, I personally have stopped taking salads on Shabbat since the beginning of this epidemic, as a gesture of solidarity with the Israeli people in difficulty. There are Jews who do not have enough to eat. 

You can’t have money in your bank and let other Jews run out of food, HM doesn’t accept that!

You can’t say to yourself: for me everything is fine. You have to think of other jews that are in a much more difficult situation.

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