An Aid Al Fitr with a Different Taste

As was the case for the “sacred night” and for Ramadan in its entirety, Moroccans will this year welcome Aid Al Fitr in an entirely different way from what they have always been used to, especially when the mosques were full of worshipers and the worshipers did not return home until dawn, after hours of prayers and readings from the Koran.

This year, however, everything has changed because of the Coronavirus. Whereas in the past people used to prepare endless food and look sumptuous to receive family and friends, today everyone is forced to stay indoors, without being able to go out or receive anyone.

Children will not be able to show off their new clothes outside. They will have to be satisfied with wearing them while staying at home. The money they used to receive as gifts in such circumstances is also to be avoided, as they are potentially carrying a virus.

Moroccans will celebrate this holiday away from their families. They will simply contact them through technological applications that allow them to see, greet and kiss them, but from a distance, while waiting for the state of health emergency to be lifted.

Other Moroccans, because of the economic crisis and the decline in sources of income, or even their total drying up, will not be able to meet even their most basic needs.

Moroccans will celebrate Eid Al Fitr without being able to perform the usual prayer. They will simply pray individually or as a family, as well as begging the Almighty for the pandemic to be defeated as soon as possible.

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